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Contrarily, high-involved choices are
riskier if they fail to meet expectation. This type of decision is complicated
and expensive. An automotive, an apartment, or even a job could be realistic demonstrations.

These things are acquired occasionally but are appropriate and imperative to
the purchaser. When extended problem solving decisions are needed, a huge
amount of time and effort are spent to evaluate every aspect of the product
such as functional features, prices, and warranty service.

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Restricted problem solving is a mix of
repetitive and extended problem solving decisions. Buyers practice limited
problem solving when they already possess some information and/or experience
about a particular product before buying it, but still look for more
information. For example, if a consumer has a pair of running shoes and her shoes
are torn. She needs a new one for daily workout. While she is acquainted with
running shoes, she would know particular features that are required for running
shoes since she bought and used her last one. She still spends time looking for
one whose shoes are decent for running because she does not want lose her
foothold and slip on the wet ground while working out. However, her research is
time-efficient. She may search online for some critical information, price,
favorite brands and jump into a decision relatively quickly. Or she may listen
to her personal trainer who has knowledge and experience in body fitness. She
somehow restrains the involvement in buying decision process.


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